About HERwithin

What is my HERwithin?

Your HERwithin a part of your soul make up and is your guidance system when you can’t find your own way. It holds the answers to all your questions. It’s a place of silence and wisdom. It’s a place you hold within. 

What does my HERwithin do?

Your HERwithin receives you without judgement, loves you unconditionally and guides you through turbulence. Everything you’re searching for is already within you, with HER. Answers, love, guidance, nudges, intuition and comfort are only a few things you’ll receive from HER.


Where is my HERwithin?

HERwithin is right where she’s always been, within you. She’s that part of you that was alive, aware and abundant when you were a little girl. She resides in a quiet place within your soul. She knows where you are and she’s always in touch, waiting to reunite.


Why did I lose my connection with my HERwithin?

As we transition through life, we develop internal barriers that are created through self-limiting beliefs, opinions from others and our own limitations. Your HERwithin has always been there, in the same place, sending the same information. She is your internal guidance system. You may feel you lost the connection to HER because the signal was unrecognizable. Life layers create the feeling that you are disconnected within. When we start asking ourselves more and more questions without finding the answers, that’s your sign that it’s time to start removing the internal barriers between you and HER. Your HERwithin is sending you signals right now. Find HER, Trust HER and Love HER.