An alignment like no other!

Have you ever had that feeling that you had all the right puzzle pieces but nothing seemed to fit together properly? That’s been my 2018. I knew things were coming together with HERwithin and things were changing and shifting for me personally but something wasn’t right. Being relatively new to the world of reiki, energy and alignments, it was hard to find a connection with the right person. That changed today on my 55th birthday.

I was at a women’s conference in September and I came into that conference with a new found internal alignment of myself. Let me explain… I had been working on releasing some deep self-limiting beliefs that I wasn’t aware I was carrying around. I knew I was rather judgy about myself and why things didn’t work out but I didn’t realize I was limiting myself. I was literally standing in my own way. Releasing these things over the past year has been amazing. One of the things I released, and seriously needed to, was that I wasn’t important. In my earlier years when my boys were in grade school, I was volunteer mom extraordinaire. Holy moly did I do it all and took it to the next level. I pulled together some amazing hockey and lacrosse tournaments, managed hockey and soccer teams like a boss, created events in school that blew the lid off previous events and on and on. I loved being that mover and shaker but when it came time to thank me for all my hard work, what did I do? I took a deep breath, received what was being given, applause, flowers, gifts or hugs and then removed myself from the room. I can honestly say that I don’t remember those beautiful times of gratitude. Isn’t that sad? In my mind, I wasn’t important enough to be receiving this. It was all just part of the process. Back to the women’s conference… well, I went there alone and had a purpose. I was going to walk up to people I wanted to meet, introduce myself and join in their conversations. I was important and I made a difference. One of those people that I purposefully greeted was the amazing Dixie Bennett. Her company Stillpoint Bodyworks was something I needed to find out about. So I introduced myself and we talked. I kept getting drawn to her and realized why. She has a service called a Birthday Alignment and I needed to do this. I think this was that thing I needed to get all my puzzle pieces aligned. So, today on my 55th birthday, I did it.

I would love to explain everything that happened but when something happens so deeply within it’s a feeling that defies words. I feel refreshed and tuned up. My chakras, nervous system and soul feel different. HER and I went through it together. I’m feeling aligned, honestly aligned, for the first time in so many years. I’m aligned with my path for HERwithin. I’m aligned with my path for becoming a professional speaker and I’m aligned with myself. It’s a beautiful feeling that I wish I could share with my hubby. I know I have his support in everything I do but, I know I lose him when I go too far down that spiritual rabbit hole. His head is nodding but I think it’s more reactionary than voluntary. I’m sure lots of women have those men in their lives. As much as I would wish this experience on him, it’s probably as realistic as me reassembling his ’72 GMC pick up that’s in pieces in the garage. He has his thing and I have mine and we both appreciate what the other likes.

To start my next year of life with this amazing feeling of alignment is like lining up the tulip bulbs in the garden and watching them pop up in a perfect row as they create a beautiful array of color. 2019 is my garden and my tulips are ready and waiting. I feel it and I know great things are going to happen with HERwithin, me, my family and even you!!