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Find HER – 20 Revealing Questions to Discover the Woman Within

September 21, 2019

I’m excited to share this amazing book with every midlife woman on the planet.

Is your head full of questions when you go to bed? Usually very random questions with no connection to anything, right? This book will give your mind something to ponder and your soul something to answer. These questions help with clarity and finding the fulfillment you seek.

Some of the chapters include …

  • Am I aware of the energy shifts in my body?
  • Do I have boundaries?
  • How much unnecessary stuff am I carrying around because I won’t but it down?
  • … and 17 more!

This quick reference book will become a staple in your purse, car or nightstand. I share questions, wisdom and personal examples of how I allowed myself to become vulnerable and face the questions without being armored up for battle. I did the work and took the big steps to Discover the Woman Within!

November 6, 2019

All of the peer edits are done and I’m editing the master document. The insight from the six women I chose, has been a gift for this book. With these six women, from different corners of the world and life experiences, I found a common ground. They were all inspired and moved by the book. The questions they were reading brought them clarity and shifted their own journey. I’m excited for you to experience the same.

Cover design is getting close as I meet with my graphic designer this week. We’ll be adding in some beautiful journal pages for you to note your thoughts and feelings after reading a chapter. It’s important to me that you capture any energetic shifts when they happen no matter how big or small. You’re shifting for a reason and it’ll help you process the questions.

My dream for this book is for women around the world to start asking themselves these revealing questions and sharing their answers with the women around them. We heal when we share. Imagine book clubs and workshops that focus on a question a week (I’ll be hosting some myself). For 5 months, you can ask, reveal and heal as you Discover the Woman Within.

November 20, 2019

Graphic designer has been hired and I couldn’t be more excited. Jaime was one of my peer editors and has completely supported this journey from day one. She loves this book. Cover design, journal pages and layout are now getting the professional touch every successful book deserves. Check out Jaime’s work at

I’m gathering some incredibly inspirational quotes that align with each question. There are so many to select from. This concept of Find HER isn’t new. Women have been talking about feeling lost and unfulfilled for years. Oprah has interviewed many women about this topic and countless books have been written about it in both fiction and non-fiction. Find HER – 20 Revealing Questions to Discover the Woman Within is my personal journey, discovery and understanding of the lack of connection within. This relatable journey through the questions shows my vulnerable and humorous look at how I reached out and allowed myself to Find HER.

December 12, 2019

Cover image has been selected!!!! Now to design it. Stay tuned! With Christmas creeping up on us and me recovering from a lung infection, productivity will be slowing down this month. The excitement is very real and an early 2020 release date is creating so much energy that I have to keep reminding myself to slow down. That’s the small voice from within that keeps me balanced. That’s my HERwithin. 


Find HER
20 Revealing Questions to Discover the Woman Within

December 29, 2019

Merry post Christmas and an early Happy New Year to everyone! 2020 is already lining up with some great ideas and opportunities. My number one focus will be this book and getting all the last edits combined. I have found an entire section that I’d like to rewrite due to the fact that I did a very deep dive into my world while dealing with breast cancer this past 6 months. It’s incredible how clarity comes from something that can be feared. Once I get my thoughts realigned for that one question, it’s time to get the journal pages approved and then we can move onto layout and then publishing. 

You may have noticed at the top that I list three books now. Find HER is the the first of a series of three. My tagline has always been Find HER, Trust HER, Love HER and now I understand why. In previous workshops I’ve done with Find HER, I’ve been asked “what’s next?” and I never had an answer. I do now. I’m in the process of finalizing my second course called Trust HER and it will be followed by the second book of the same name. As you can guess, the final book will be called Love HER and I can honestly say that I have successfully journeyed through all three of these processes and have Discovered the Woman Within. 

Here’s to you & HER! May you Find HER, Trust HER and Love HER. 

January 13, 2020

The first big step of 2020 has been taken and I’m happy to say that the copyright has been filed for Find HER. I’m taking the self-publishing route and learning a lot along the way. It’s all these small steps that create a big success. It didn’t take a lot of effort but it was the next best step for me to take. I can now check that one off my list and move onto more edits, writing the introduction and acknowledgement and my table of contents. The journal pages are being designed to give you a place to reflect right after each question. Write, doodle, scribble or whatever you’re guided to do on these custom designed pages. 

Not sure of the publication date but I’m aiming for February or March of 2020. As the ball starts rolling faster, I’ll be sharing more important updates here. Please sign up below if you want to keep in touch with Info & Updates around all things HERwithin. 


February 9, 2020

The next big step just took place. Connecting my editor to the document called Find HER. My work is now in the hands of someone who is reading it for technical content and flow. I had six women read this before and I didn’t feel this way. I’m paying for this service and it’s making this feel so real. I have an editor!!! I’m acknowledging the energy that’s flowing through me right now. I want to cry, laugh, run around and get it moving so this entry is going to be a short one.

I’ve also sent the cover image to my graphic designer who is creating the cover of Find HER. I’m very proud of the process that I’ve taken myself through and the pace that I move at. There’s no deadline I have to meet that I don’t set myself. I’ve removed the need to do that. I know there are many women who are anticipating this book and you can be there I am too. Nothing good comes from putting internal pressure on myself. As I’m still in recovery mode from my stint with breast cancer, I’ve learned that my intentions are a foundation for my actions. If I move forward without pure intention from my heart, I know there will be roadblocks and hurdles to try to overcome. Ego has no place in this process. Should has no place in this process. There’s no bylaw that states I have to do something at a certain pace or timeline. I guess if I was working with a publishing company there may be. That’s the joy in trusting myself to take myself and my book through my own process and timeline. When it happens, it happens. Delays are inevitable but self judgement isn’t. Que Sera, Sera … Whatever will be, will be… 


July 7, 2020

To say we’ve been through the ringer over the past few months is putting it mildly. However, during the chaos, confusion and a bit of a health setback, I have some awesome news! THE EDITING IS DONE!! The final draft is back in my hands and the next step is coming up quickly. Meeting with my graphic designer to finalize layout, back cover content and anything else that’s required. Need to get a new picture taken. I’m a different person from the last time I had head shots done and I want my “true identity” to shine through. 
We are in the homestretch now and you could have a copy of Find HER in your hands by September. Unfortunately there won’t be any awesome book launch party but I will be doing an online party for sure. This amazing project and the people that have been involved, need to be celebrated! 


September 17, 2020

The day has come! I am a published author of the book Find HER – 20 Revealing Questions to Discover the Woman Within. 
Here’s the link to my Author Page in Amazon and the link to the paperback and the eBook.
Thank you for coming along on this wild ride and I hope you enjoy this labour of love and wisdom.