ENERGYwithin Testimonials

Sometimes you know something is wrong, or your body tells you something is wrong. Do you want to acknowledge what it is? Often we rather run to modern medicine and they treat the physical symptoms, and a lot of the time, they get it right. There are physical diseases that strike us simply because we are this complex biological collection of cells and electricity, living in a world where there is a constant war with other similar biotics, some of which are benign and others hostile.

But sometimes what’s wrong is all in your energy – memories of actions you don’t want to face, and your energy is out of whack. It can’t flow. And it doesn’t matter how much medicine you take, until you don’t get to that blockage, it’s not going to get better.

And that’s where energy practitioners such as Janis come in. In her wonderful, caring and sensitive way she finds that block and brings it to your attention. And once you acknowledge the incident, the memory can be redeemed and the blockage cleared.

Which is exactly what she did for me. For over fifty years I carried guilt and regret with me regarding my paternal uncle, and suffered periodically as my body tried to clear it, but my mind rejected the memory. Once she identified the two incidents that were at the root of my malady, and I faced up to it with her help and guidance, the problem went away.

More than that, I reclaimed a joyous memory and emerged light in mind and body, enlightened in fact. Thank you Janis, and I can really recommend her as someone who will help you, guide you and support you through her energy work.


“I received an energy in motion healing from Janis recently and as it was my first time receiving this type of healing service, I was not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised as her findings with the pendulum were spot on. Janis is a gifted healer who has the ability to provide wise insight, guidance and direction to encourage healing in others. She breaks down the information so that it is easy to read and understand. I recommend Janis to anyone who is interested in diving deeper into self discovery and who is willing to uncover deep seated emotions that can lead to physical healing.”
Colleen Smith
Owner and Creator
Moonstone Salts & Spiritual

Janis truly is a very special person! Her connection is felt from the minute you start speaking with her. I have had a few E+motion sessions and I am truly in awe of how they have helped and how they have brought forward the emotional traumas I have held onto all the way from childhood and allowed those traumas to be released. I would recommend Janis to anyone who is struggling with an ailment from mild headaches to serious back pain, maybe your emotions are blocking your recovery? I think Janis can help! She will open your mind and energy channels allowing healing at a level that you may have not thought was possible.
Thank you Janis for your spirit, your energy, and your healing!