Did you know that physical symptoms all have emotional roots? Energy gets trapped by suppressed emotions and causes physical symptoms. Everything from a sore finger to a major illness has an emotional root. What starts out as a mild disruption can move into an acute physical disturbance if the underlying issue is constantly pushed into your shadows. From there, an acute physical disturbance can move into a chronic condition with is a representation of the lasting reminder of our situation. An adjustment in our consciousness can disrupt the pattern and help find relief. Change the Pattern and Change Your Health.

I teach you how to heal by providing you with the information you need to get your energy in motion again. I work to find the root of your symptoms/ailments through an energetic connection and research to find the information that you need to read in order to help you release blocked energy. I am also able to provide the age of onset because symptoms are presenting themselves because of suppressed energy from a previous situation. 

Your job through this whole process is to provide me with your symptoms and trust that the information I’m providing you is what’s needed to help your release. Allow your mind, body and soul to work together to release and heal. Awareness is the first step in healing. Emotion = Energy in Motion. My  goal is to get your energy in motion again. By allowing your body to release suppressed emotions, you’re allowing your body to heal.

What can I expect from a session?

A session starts with you receiving a welcome letter to outline what we’ll be doing. This gives you time to focus on the ailment(s) you’d like to work on. Once you’ve selected the type of session you’d prefer, 1:1, Distance or Express, you provide me with the symptom(s) you’d like to work on. If we are doing this via Zoom, I show you everything I’m doing with the pendulum and the questions I’m asking. Once I’ve narrowed down the specific information you need to hear, I will read it to you and tell you the age of onset.

Some clients have a release happen as I’m reading to them and others take a bit longer to process. It’s the initial step of awareness that you need to be open to. If there is no release during the session, I provide a full report so that you can continue processing on your own. I’m still available for check ins to see if its’ been released after the session.

How many symptoms can I do in a session?

Each 1:1 session is 1 hour long. Depending on your ability to process and release, we can get up to 4 or 5 symptoms done in one hour. 
Distance Healing sessions allow a maximum of 4 symptoms/session.
Express sessions are 1 symptom at a time.
The more symptoms we work on, the more energy we’ve disrupted and the more care you need to take of yourself for the next day as your body gets used to this new movement of energy.

How long does it take to release any blockages?

The first step in releasing is awareness. You are creating an awareness for your subconscious to process. You can release on the spot as I’m reading the information to you or as you’re reading it to yourself.  Everybody processes differently. Just like learning, some people find it easier to hear the information while others do better by reading the information themselves. As soon as emotion starts flowing, energy is in motion. In order for the process to work, you must start in a position of open and receptive. By removing any “armour” that you’ve developed, you will be allowing the healing process to take place.

I have had symptoms that took weeks to release because I couldn’t find that connecting event that started this energy block. Meditation and stillness are a great benefit in releasing. Sometimes when you’re not expecting it, the answer can bubble up. I had that happen on the side of the road once. It was obvious that it was the root that I was looking for. 

Where do you get the information from?

I use a book called Messages from your Body by Dr. Michael Lincoln. I also provide a New Thought Pattern that I pull from my Louise Hay book called You Can Heal Your Life.

“Life experiences/difficulties suppress the immune system by generating and maintaining negative self-reactions and beliefs about one’s position/situation in the world. The mental thoughts and emotional patterns that most often precipitate disease and disorder in the body are criticism, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, grief and fear.”
Excerpt from Messages from your Body.

What will I be like after a session?

After a session, you may feel many things. Normally it’s a lighter feeling. As if a heavy weight has been lifted. Other times you can feel very tired depending on the release you experienced. Remember this is a shift in energy and your physical body needs to adjust. 

What you can expect is recovery and release. I always suggest drinking plenty of water or caffeine free herbal teas afterwards to help flush the system. A nice relaxing bath can help as well. There may be a sense of tiredness the next day as your body is still adjusting. Remember that you just stirred up a bunch of “dust bunnies” within your energy. Let them all settle again before you do any additional energy work. 

ENERGYwithin Testimonials

To book an ENERGYwithin session, please decide on the style of session you would like and contact Janis directly.

1:1 Live ENERGYwithin Session 
We connect on Zoom and create a safe space for you to process, release and heal. We focus on one symptom/ailment at a time. We’re creating an awareness to start the healing. I provide a report, after the session if you need to continue processing.  I’m available for post session check ins to see if a limiting belief has been released.

$95/1 hour session 
Reports are provided Mon-Fri within 48 hours

Distance ENERGYwithin Session
We connect through email where you’ll receive a Welcome letter and then respond with your symptoms/ailments. I’ll then create a written report for up to 4 symptoms for you to process at your own pace. I am available for post session check ins to see if a limiting belief has been released.

$75/session (Maximum 4 symptoms)
Reports are provided Mon-Fri within 48 hours

Express ENERGYwithin Session
Did you wake up with an unexpected pain? Do you have a nagging ailment that you just want to go away? 
In an Express Session, we connect through email and I’ll look into one specific symptom/ailment and provide you with a written report so you can process at your own pace. 

$35/session (1 symptom/ailment)
Reports are provided Mon-Fri within 48 hours

Awareness Heals!

Listen to the messages from your body and start releasing the past.

  • All sessions are prepaid by eTransfer or PayPal.
  • There is no guarantee of complete healing. I am  providing you with the information to heal yourself. You have the ability to heal your body.
  • All information provided is for energy healing purposes and is in no way intended as medical advice. The intent is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. Your health and energy are precious. Please seek medical advice for ongoing serious issues.