Find HER 4 Week Mentoring

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The Find HER 4 Week Mentoring program is for women searching for the answers to their lack of direction, identity and fulfillment in their lives. This is a common phase that many of us experience and you aren't alone. It sure feels like, it doesn't it? I was standing in that space in 2016 and knew I needed to start finding answers. The questions and confusion were piling up and I've found that many of the thoughts we have are shared by many other women. How many of these statements from other women can you connect with?

* I have random questions, with no answers, that keep me up at night.
* I don't know who I am anymore.

* I feel lost in my own life and at times I feel invisible.
*I can't find the answers I'm looking for in all these self-help books I've read.
*All those things I never allowed myself to do are slowly turning into regrets.
* Being in control is a comfortable place for me. I don't know if I can change.

If you connected with any of those comments, you may be standing at a door to a fantastic midlife transition. Years of beliefs, patterns and habits have protected you throughout your life. The weight of them can be overwhelming when you don't align with them any longer. It's even heavier when they aren't yours. We carry those beliefs and patterns from our parents, peers and teachers in life. When we start asking more questions about why we are a certain way, it's time to start removing those layers and getting back to who we are at the core. Your HERwithin is your core. That's the guidance you're looking as you enter and navigate midlife. I'm here to mentor you through midlife and Find HER again.

Here's what we'll be covering over the 4 weeks together

* Timeline and your life inventory 
* Shadows and limiting beliefs
* True self-care tools and awareness.
* Energy understanding and preservation.
* Boundaries 
* Letting go 
* Trust & Control 
* Stillness
* BONUS – My book Find HER – 20 Revealing Questions to Discover the Woman Within

Meet your Mentor

Janis Doherty

Founder & Midlife Mentor - HERwithin

I was a fifty-two year old woman standing at the intersection of “Who Am I” & “Where Am I” when I discovered that the only communication I had with myself was in my mind. I was lacking connection with two vital parts of myself. I needed to learn how to connect with my body and soul. I set out on a journey in 2016 to find out how to do that and find a way to help other women that come to this intersection of life. Welcome to the world of HERwithin.

I’ve done the hard work that I mentor other women through. I understand emotions, fears, confusion and the mind/body/soul connection that accompanies midlife. As a wife, mum, stepmom, entrepreneur, Midlife Mentor, writer, speaker and breast cancer survivor, I’m now living the life I want. My days experience joy, gratitude and love because I reconnected with my HERwithin. 

Through one-on-one client work, workshops and talking to women’s groups, I get women curious about their lives.  Are you curious about your connection with HER
Let’s do a quick system check … Find a quiet place to sit, take a few grounding breaths in and out, place your hand on your heart and say to HER“I love you” repeating it slowly until you feel  something.  Did you feel a shift, an emotion or maybe you didn’t feel anything. You may not recognize the signals she’s sending you. Your unique journey with HER may have developed into a long distance relationship, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. She’s in there waiting for you to come home. Let’s go Find HER together!


Testimonial from the heart

Janis helped me in finding myself again. I actually like the person that I am and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Janis.”

– Cora 

What women are saying ...

Janis’ mentor-ship was exactly what I needed to transition toward a different version of who I wanted to be.  I felt comfortable, inspired and confident as we worked together. Janis’ mentor-ship has kept me growing in leaps and bounds. I am amazed by the strength and determination Janis has to honor her own HERwithin and to listen to what her body is telling her.

I wish everyone the same experience I got by taking her course, it was worth every penny and more. Much Love and appreciation Janis for being there when I needed a non-judgmental ear to listen, to care and share.
Forever Grateful, Christine

For more testimonials from women like Cora & Christine, visit the HERwithin Testimonials page.

Are you ready to take this step?

We meet for 4 continuous weeks for 1 hour on a scheduled day and time through a Zoom call that I’ll record for you.

  • Each week we cover new topics and review the outcomes from the previous week.

  • You have access to me throughout the week for questions or epiphanies (and there’s a lot of those) so you can process what’s coming up. I use an app called Voxer or Messenger voice messages. It’s important to me that I hear your voice when we communicate. No hiding behind texts and emails.

  • Your job is to show up, do the homework, be honest with yourself and be open to change.


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Find HER - 20 Revealing Questions to Discover the Woman Within

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Here’s to you and HER!

Please email Janis with your questions. 
“I understand where you are and I know how to help you.” ~ Janis