Finding a harmonious balance of existence.

I want to share a struggle that I’m sure you, or someone you know, has gone through in their life. I don’t know if this is more common with women than men but it’s rearing it’s ugly head in my world again.

Finding a harmonious balance between making things happen and letting things happen can be a struggle. In this go-go world we live in now, there’s a need to “make it happen, Capt’n” because there’s no time to waste. This generation, as I learned first hand from a conversation at Starbucks today, wants things to happen NOW! Instant everything. Replies, coffee, food, jobs, success and even relationships. The person I was talking to was explaining how waiting for things to happen is for the lazy. I was looking at some cups on the shelves and wondering what all these other gadgets were for. They were explaining an instant coffee press that had just come out. No time for the regular coffee press. This things speeds up the time to make the coffee without using instant coffee because “that’s stuff’s gross”. I was starting to feel like a geriatric at this point. I thought to myself, “you don’t have time to wait for coffee to brew?”

On my drive home, I kept thinking about this. I’m reading Gary Zukov’s The Seat of the Soul and understanding the difference between a five-sensory personality and the multi-sensory personality. This “now” personality that I was chatting with was definitely a five-sensory personality in that conversation. I would be curious to see if they had a multi-sensory personality as well. The five-sensory personality gets their information through the five senses… feel, smell, see, hear and taste. The multi-sensory personality has that intuitive sense as well and can receive information in multiple ways. Does a person who wants things now have that ability to let things happen? Let the flow of life just happen? Or is everything truly about getting and having it now. Are they missing out on the slower pace of the universe?

When we receive as a multi-sensory personality, yes, I am one, that sense of smell isn’t just what you smell right now and can put a name to it. It’s the smell of a fragrance from a loved one who has passed on. That unexplained waft of fragrance or cologne that makes no sense. Do they hear messages that come from out of nowhere? The messages that come from our intuition or our higher self. What about feeling a tingle or a phantom touch and letting the moment continue with a memory?

The balance between letting things happen and making things happen needs to be harmonious. It’s a beautiful feeling that follows something unexplained. It requires a stillness that allows for the flow of energy to continue and include all the relevant information that was meant for you. It’s understanding that what is happening and what is meant to be happening can be against your consciousness. It’s finding a balance between conscious and unconscious. It’s allowing yourself to witness and experience what you can’t explain.

I’m facing this imbalance right now with what should be happening, what I feel happening and the crown jewel, what the universe has planned. Intention sets my day and I try to stay true to it but, when I feel like a salmon swimming upstream, I can’t help but wonder, “am I forcing this to happen?” When we set intentions, we know what it is that we would love to see happen. Our energy shifts to help ensure it’s success. What if that intention is a conscious intention that conflicts with an unconscious knowing? Then what? Where’s the harmonic balance now?

As I get ready to face another week of finding the path for HERwithin through intention, intuition and guidance, I know that my intuitive answers come in the form of dreams, yes or no feelings, memories, thoughts and sometimes the most random stuff you can imagine. Those are the things that are key to letting things happen. Once I receive the message, it’s time to make things happen. It’s a harmonious balance of existence.