I am a Walking Goddess filled with JOY

I experienced something that was unexpected, enlightening, empowering and any other word you can think of that would elevate you to a new level of awareness. I participated in the Walking Goddess Labyrinth walk. It was an indoor labyrinth with 10 women and our guide. The evening was incredible.

To start with, we had to select words from a bowl that resonated with us. I just walked up to the bowl, looked in and saw the word HARMONY and gravitated towards it. I love that word and I had no idea why that was the word I chose. I sat down and kept getting a pull back to the bowl. So, I went again. This time I stood over the bowl blankly looking into it. It felt kind of funny because I was the one who walked over that and now I wasn’t moving. I flipped a few other cards over to see what was on them and nothing was jumping out at me. Then a lady picked up a card and under it was TRUST. It’s like it was shining. Really! That was the one. Trust? I had the option of so many other one and funny thing, I can’t remember any of them. I must have read 10 different cards but I can’t remember them. LOL. So I had my Trust & Harmony and we had to set an intention with our word. Coming into this, I had some pretty serious intentions that I was going to set on this new moon but much to my surprise, none of them were used. My intention is to Trust myself, HER, that I will be looked after, the Universe and my path. My other intention is to create Harmony with me and HER. Like the harmony in nature, that’s what I strive for.

Before entering the labyrinth, I took 3 deep cleansing breaths and trusted that whatever happened in that labyrinth, was exactly what was to happen. I walked slowly and on purpose saying to myself “Trust & Harmony” all along the pathway. I could feel a flow happening with my walk and an ease happening with my step. As I came across someone coming my direction, I flowed off the pathway and back on to let them pass by. I had no idea what I was doing, what I was supposed to do. I just did it. As I wandered, I pretended I was walking through a field of daisies and there was a green path of grass meandering through the flowers. I started to feel like I was 5 years old and living within one of my childhood dreams. Or was it a premonition of what I’d be doing 50 years later?? I flowed, meandered, repeated Trust and Harmony and started to weave my way towards the centre. Then something fun happened to me.

In the centre section of the labyrinth, I felt like a bunch of self-limiting belief walls just crumbled. Shit that I’d been carrying around for years and year were just gone. A childlike giggle started to come over me. I could see the other women were intense, concentrating and having some serious emotional moments as they stood or walked. Why was I giggling inside. THEN, in the centre, after some time within, we are asked to rip up the cards with the words and our intentions on them. We then place them in the bowl in the centre and start our walk back out of the labyrinth.  I ripped up my cards and as I did, my entire being was taken over with JOY! My two original words were gone and all I had coming through me was JOY! As I love the movie Inside Out, you can imagine my joy in hearing this word echo through my head and body. Whatever I released with the intention of applying Harmony and Trust, opened a big ol box of joy and it was engulfing my being. THEN, my word HARMONY came back to me as HER&ME. It’s like I had achieved my intention within a few steps. The two “words” are close in sound and that was my queue that HER & me ARE Harmony and that Trust & Harmony = JOY!

I had a spring in my step and an energy flowing through my body that I’ve never had in the evening. As we all moved back to the area with the chairs, I was vibrating. My feet wouldn’t stay still, I was fidgeting with everything I had in my lap, I was that kid in school that just did whatever came to them. I wasn’t sitting still with my feet on the floor, like the other ladies my age, listening to the “teacher”. I had a giggle I could feel starting to erupt and I kept pushing it down. NOOOOO!!!! I was suppressing something like the way I used to suppress other emotions. I had to blurt it out. It was coming and I couldn’t not do something about it. So, the teacher looked and me and asked if I felt anything within the labyrinth. I literally vibrated in my chair. I had an energy force running through my body that needed to move. I considered getting up and running around to help it move but I talked about it and physically helped it move through my body with those body shutters we get when we’re chilly. With each shutter, I’d smile and say “I’m just vibrating”. I did feel completely different than the 9 other women. Yes, 5 year old Janis was in the house!!

What an amazing experience!! Who knew that walking around on a fabric labyrinth would create this sensation. Apparently, the Sagittarius New Moon is like a super power moon. My intentions will be amplified by 10x! I went in with the intention of taking HERwithin to new levels and to focus on what needs to be done to share it further. I now know that when I surrender to what will be, Trust and Harmony will take over and round out the evening with an energetic surge of JOY throughout my being. I released, set intentions, felt the shift and can’t wait to see what happens over the next month. It’s also my birthday month so magical things are going to open up right before me. My job, to Trust and stay in Harmony with HER.