I had my DNA activated!!

I honestly don’t know how to explain the sequence of events that led me to signing up to have a mystical modality performed on me, but I did.
Have you ever heard of DNA activation? Neither had I. It’s a fascinating energetic healing technique that can be done from anywhere. Mine was done by my good friend Josette Leblanc and every day I’m realizing things that are no longer part of the pieces that make up Janis Doherty.

Let me start for the beginning. July 27, 2020, I was contacted by Josette and told that she was preparing the healing grid for my activation. Awesome! What? I trusted that all I had to do was wait to hear back from her. She’s in South Korea and I’m in Calgary, Alberta. There’s quite a time difference and I didn’t know how long this took or when she’d be starting. It’s quite a ceremony and I don’t even want to attempt to explain it and take away the magic that happens. While I waited to hear what would happen next, I was outside eating dinner with my husband when I started vibrating with energy. I thought that maybe that bbq chicken dinner was full of some amazing protein so I didn’t think anything of it. By the time we were done dinner, I HAD TO go for a walk. He wasn’t feeling the need, and it’s probably best I went alone, so I did. Holy super powerwalking! I did my first kilometer in 10 minutes. That may not sound amazing but that’s the fastest I have walked since my breast cancer surgery in June 2019. I was on fire so I kept going. Here’s the fun part. I was in an exercise top, shorts and runners and had no pockets so I tucked my iphone into my cleavage and I felt like I was walking with my chest stuck out. I didn’t care who saw this and what they thought. I was listening to Meghan Trainor’s song Me Too. Give it a listen and imagine me strutting along. Energy and confidence was oozing out of me. What a charge!

Show up and Shine!

After a 4 km walk, I came home and sat there in amazement. I can’t believe I just did that. I haven’t had that kind of energy in forever. Not only was it exhilarating, it was proof that I’m going to be ok.

Since that day, my life, spirit and soul has changed. I’ve removed self-judgement and a fear of money, I’ve gained a confidence that allows me to speak when normally I’d bury my emotions and thoughts. I’ve published a book and the baby steps of creating daily sales is exhilarating, not paralyzing. I’ve gained a level of self-love and self-respect that has been evading me since I started my journey within four years ago. I’ve changed and I’m loving what I’m experiencing.

My tagline for HERwithin is “Discover the Woman Within” and this Radical Guide DNA Activation did exactly that. I can’t wait to take the next step. The first two activations work on the first 24 strands of spiritual DNA and then the second set activated you to 48 strands. That’s where the fun starts. If you’re interested in learning more about this, contact Josette and tell her Janis sent you. I’m one of her biggest fans!