JOY … three letters that mean so much

When was the last time you were full of JOY? Not happiness but pure JOY? To me, happiness is caused by something else. Puppies, babies, waking up in a good mood, things that are outside of us. JOY on the other hand, is within. It’s a deeper state of being. When you’re JOYful, it’s beyond happy. When you’re happy, it feeds your JOYfulness within. Happiness is like the bees that bring pollen back to the hive and JOY is the hive. It’s home for happiness.

I noticed how my connection to JOY, since my labyrinth walk, has changed so many other things in my life. Because of a state of JOYfulness that has embodied me, I’m so easy to please. When I’m in a state of constant JOY, I’m less apt to be controlling and want things my way. I’m happy to watch anything on tv because sitting with my hubby feeds my JOY. Happiness and love are amazing fuel for JOY. Grumpiness and resistance are not. I’ve also noticed that my office emits JOY. I have lights twinkling in one corner, Sweet Orange essential oil coming form my diffuser, a card with a sparkly JOY on it and a happy funny piggy bank sitting by my computer (getting ready for the Year of the Pig).

My favorite character in the Disney movie Inside Out is, you guessed it, JOY! I use her emoji when I’m responding to happy posts on Facebook. She’s the core of me. I know over the past many years, I’ve lost my connection with JOY. Now, I know that now that I’ve connected to the woman I am, I’m JOY! It feels right. It feels like that perfect pair of jeans that fit everywhere.

I haven’t always been like this. I used to have little episodes of goofiness pop up periodically but then I’d slide back into my old ways. I laugh now that it was like I would get “JOY drunk”. Now that I’ve done the work to get myself aligned with my HERwithin, the harmony I feel now is being translated into JOY! It’s always been there but we get so bogged down by life that the layers build up and we don’t sense it any longer. That’s when you get “JOY drunk” periodically. Think of it as a way of HER sending you a signal that you can have that all the time. She lets you feel it for a bit but in order to have it all the time, there’s some work to do, baggage to unpack, self-limiting beliefs to destroy and some boundaries to establish.

We can’t experience JOY when the true essence of it, HER, is lost in our orbit somewhere. She’s always there waiting for us to come home. JOY is in our soul. It’s that spark within us that is always lit and now it just needs a big ol’ shot of oxygen to really ignite it. That oxygen comes from us. When we start breathing in life and releasing the stale air within, our light becomes brighter and our JOY emanates from within. We are JOY! If I can find it, anyone can. I’ve been through divorce after a 24 year marriage, loss of both parents, being alone for the first time in my life, loss of jobs, loss of direction, loss of myself and then a moment when I knew everything had to change and I had to start moving towards something I couldn’t put my finger on. That something, was the JOY buried within me.

Where’s your JOY?