Janis brings women through a journey of thought and discovery.
Janis’ presentations interact with her audience, bring awareness to “what could be” and opens up women’s hearts to connect with their HERwithin.
As a women who set out on her own journey to connect with something that was missing, Janis found that women around the world are facing this same turning point in life. Many women have lost a connection with their HERwithin.  The comfort of finding that place where there is no judgement and plenty of encouragement is HER. That intuitive voice women hear or that nudge that they feel is HER. Janis teaches women how to connect with HER through the steps of Find HER, Embrace HER, Allow HER, Trust HER and Love HER. 

Janis is a mother of two, stepmom to three and an advocate for women to follow a path of fulfillment and “Discover the Woman Within”.

“Your true smile is HER” ~ Janis Doherty, HERwithin


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