“Janis’ mentorship was exactly what I needed to transition toward a different version of who I wanted to be as I ventured into the unknown. I felt comfortable, inspired and confident as we worked through her, HERwithin course. Janis’ mentor-ship has kept me growing in leaps and bounds. I am discovering that even as I take baby steps, I will get to my destination sooner or later with my head held high and loving myself in the process.

I am amazed by the strength and determination Janis has to honor her own HERwithin and listen and learn what her body is telling her. I wish everyone the same experience I got by taking her course. It was worth every penny and more. Much Love and Appreciation Janis for being there when I needed a non-judgmental ear to listen, to care and share. Forever grateful.”
– Christine (NS)

“Janis helped me in finding myself again. I actually like the person that I am and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Janis.”
– Cora (AB)

“When I decided I wanted to leave my teaching position in order to focus on my baby and potential business, I needed a cheering squad to help me realize I wasn’t crazy.
I looked to my mentoring group on many occasions, and within that group, Janis was one of my biggest cheerleaders. And no wonder.
She was born to cheer women on and I’m so glad she’s sharing this skill with us all. Janis can do this work for others because she’s done it herself. She is a true artist of self-direction.” 

 – Josette (S. Korea)

“Janis is amazing! I’ve always felt safe and supported with her.”
 – April (WI)

“Janis is the best. Love her so much. She helped me get really clear on an issue that was sticky.”
  – Ashley (NY)

“HERwithin is beautiful healing energy.”
– Kathy (BC)

“Working with Janis is like joining Alice through the looking glass. She takes you past the reflection, beyond what the eyes see, and above what your imagination has interpreted as your reality.
She guides you into the knowing of the essence that is you
– Colleen (AB)