Find HER

20 Revealing Questions to Discover the Woman Within

September 21, 2019

I’m excited to share this amazing book with every midlife woman on the planet.

Is your head full of questions when you go to bed? Usually very random questions with no connection to anything, right? This book will give your mind something to ponder and your soul something to answer. These questions help with clarity and finding the fulfillment you seek.

Some of the chapters include …

  • Am I aware of the energy shifts in my body?
  • Do I have boundaries?
  • How much unnecessary stuff am I carrying around because I won’t but it down?
  • … and 17 more!

This quick reference book will become a staple in your purse, car or nightstand. I share questions, wisdom and personal examples of how I allowed myself to become vulnerable and face the questions without being armored up for battle. Discover the Woman Within!

November 6, 2019

All of the peer edits are done and I’m editing the master document. The insight from the six women I chose, has been a gift for this book. With these six women, from different corners of the world and life experiences, I found a common ground. They were all inspired and moved by the book. The questions they were reading brought them clarity and shifted their own journey. I’m excited for you to experience the same.

Cover design is getting close as I meet with my graphic designer this week. We’ll be adding in some beautiful journal pages for you to note your thoughts and feelings after reading a chapter. It’s important to me that you capture any energetic shifts when they happen no matter how big or small. You’re shifting for a reason and it’ll help you process the questions.

My dream for this book is for women around the world to start asking themselves these revealing questions and sharing their answers with the women around them. We heal when we share. Imagine book clubs and workshops that focus on a question a week (I’ll be hosting some myself). For 5 months, you can ask, reveal and heal as you Discover the Woman Within.

November 20, 2019

Graphic designer has been hired and I couldn’t be more excited. Jaime was one of my peer editors and has completely supported this journey from day one. She loves this book. Cover design, journal pages and layout are now getting the professional touch every successful book deserves. Check out Jaime’s work at

I’m gathering some incredibly inspirational quotes that align with each question. There are so many to select from. This concept of Find HER isn’t new. Women have been talking about feeling lost and unfulfilled for years. Oprah has interviewed many women about this topic and countless books have been written about it in both fiction and non-fiction. Find HER – 20 Revealing Questions to Discover the Woman Within is my personal journey, discovery and understanding of the lack of connection within. This relatable journey through the questions shows my vulnerable and humorous look at how I reached out and allowed myself to Find HER.

December 12, 2019

Cover image has been selected!!!! Now to design it. Stay tuned!

Find HER
20 Revealing Questions to Discover the Woman Within