The journey of the Find HER book

I’m getting the opportunity to talk to a lot of podcasters and interviews about my book. This is a dream come true. There’s so much I want to say in that short period of time. I love a good conversation and if the door is left open, I can talk forever! As my hubby usually says when we’re trying to leave somewhere, “you’re still talking!”

If I were to pick the point in time to pinpoint the start of the journey of my book, it would be April 21, 2016. That was the day after my mum’s birthday and the day before she passed. That was the day that my journey to Find HER began. At the time I didn’t know I was about to start the most amazing self discovery, self awareness, and self-love journey of my life, but I knew I had to.

Three years of peeling layers, facing my shadows, and reconnecting within lead me to a day in April 2019 where I sat by a river and 20 questions came pouring down on me. It felt like a final exam and these questions weren’t easy. I had a journal with me so I started writing them down.
1) Am I taking responsibility for my experiences?
2) Am I giving more than I’m receiving?
3) Am I expecting others to change for me?
4) Do I taste my words before I speak them?
5) How do I participate in conversations?
6) What are my expectations of others?
7) Why am I triggered?
… and 13 more.

Then, one month after starting my book, I got the news that I had breast cancer. In that moment when the doctor put her hand on my knee and said those three heart shattering words, “you have cancer”, all of my senses shut down. That’s why they tell you to bring someone with you. I couldn’t hear her, my heart was pounding and I felt completely numb. Nobody in my family had ever had breast cancer. Why me? That’s when I got an intuitive tingling to check in with all my bodies. I now lovingly call them my MEEPS;
Mental nothing happening up there and the lights are out.
Emotionalevery emotion was running around as if I had just been set on fire.
Energeticself preservation kicked in. All energy was at a stand still
PhysicalFeeling faint, nauseated, numb
Spiritual“You’re going to be ok” is exactly what I heard. That brought me back into the conversation

My connection with HER is so strong that when I need support or guidance, I just ask for it. I know it seems funny to be talking to an unknown entity but, your HERwithin is you. You’re communicating with your higher self. It’s still you, but an all knowing you. Let’s take those 20 questions for example. When I asked myself those twenty questions, I had two answers. First I had the answers that came from my head. Those were the judgmental ones. Then I had answers that came from my heart, from HER. Those were the ones that created the book. They were the guidance that lead me through the dark forest of death, disease and divorce.

This book helped me keep my head above water while facing breast cancer. I took manuscripts with me to radiation. I sat at my desk whenever I could pulling together the last pages so I could send it to my peer editors. That magical group of six women shared their editing knowledge, their opinions on topics I was well versed in and kept me grounded and real during that entire process. They were my Dream Team.

This book is here because I’m shining a light on the questions that many women avoid asking themselves, like I did, fearing what they might reveal. I know how unsettling it is to ask yourself ‘why am I triggered?’ because I know for my own journey, I would rather blame anyone else rather than take responsibility for my experience. What I love about this book is that it’s stirring up emotions in women around the world. I had one woman tell me that she was not impressed with me because of how I made her feel. She didn’t want to deal with the emotions and shadows that bubbled up from one question. That’s what I want. I don’t want women wandering our planet holding in stale dark energy from something they think they need to do, say or bury. It’s time to take the lid off and let that energy out.

With Find HER, each chapter concludes with “Next Steps” which are actionable steps that the reader can take, implement or at the very least, create an awareness around that particular question. I’ve also included some journal pages to help process whatever comes up.

My favorite quote about the book is … “this is a book that every women doesn’t know she needs yet“. Right?

Find HER will be available in May 2021 on my HERwithin website and is currently available on Amazon
If you would like to purchase a signed copy, please email me, I’ll add you to the wait list and send you the link to the store once I have stock.
You can reach me at HERE Local signed copies in Calgary and area will be $20. Signed mailed copies will $25

Thanks for coming along on this journey. I’m excited to announce that I’m in the process of writing the next book in my trilogy. Trust HER is due out Nov 2021.