Find HER in Stillness´╗┐

Take time to stop. Even for a few seconds. Stop and feel this moment.
this moment, it’s just you and HER. Nothing else needs your attention.

Let’s get you relaxed so you can really enjoy this moment.

Sit back in a chair and allow yourself just a few minutes.

Focus on your forehead and release any tightness
Loosen your jaw and let it drop down
Finally, drop your shoulders. Let them fall away from your ears.

Feels good doesn’t it?

Breathe in for the count of four and out for the count of four. Repeat this four times while still letting any tension go in your body.

Now that your body is relaxing, take this moment and look at this image.
Just witness this moment. Thoughts will pop up and that’s OK. They’re just thoughts.
Let them float away like a cloud.

You’re now finding your stillness.

Keep repeating this short practice until you can feel an energetic shift, of any size, within your body. A sigh, a tingle or a smile can be the sign of a shift.

Finding your stillness is the first step towards mindfulness and meditation. If you can’t meditate because of the audio reel going on in your head, practicing these small steps will help train your nervous system that you’re ok. It’s ok to relax and be peaceful for just this moment.

Once you find this easier to do, you can sit with your coffee or tea in the morning and drift away, you can stare out the window or find an image as a reminder to release, reflect and receive.

Your HERwithin is waiting for you to come back. She’s never left you. She’s within you behind all the false beliefs, chatter and questions. She holds your answers and wants to share them with you. Are you ready to receive them?