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What is ...

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A transition occurs when what holds value and meaning to you shifts. Sometimes we don’t have control over a transition and we can’t find our way through it fast enough. If you’ve been through a major life transition, you know how hard they can be. The emotions and uncertainty, whether the transition is cheerful or fearful, need to be processed through a sequence of steps. 

Do you know the 3 steps of a successful transition?

Step 1

The first thing that starts any transition is an ending. Think about any transition you’ve been through. Marriage, parenthood, grandparenthood, divorce, death, retirement, moving, and the list goes on. An ending can be happy or sad, but regardless, there are steps to properly close off this stage of your transition.

Step 2

The second step in a transition is called The Bridge. This is where all the magic happens. This can also be a very uncomfortable place to stay. Here is where you ensure that you processed The Ending sufficiently. This stage enhances our natural tendency to see and understand the world differently between one life phase and the next. 

Step 3

Finally, that part you’ve been waiting for. The New Beginning! Everything that was, is gone and over with.  You spent your time on the bridge recalibrating and now it’s on to bigger and better things. Not always! There’s still a lot of transitioning to go through. New and different isn’t always easy, but its’ sure worth the work to get there. 

Are you working through a transition and need guidance?

Transitions is an 8 week 1:1 program where I will walk through your transition with you.

Each week we will move together through discovery and awareness to help you find your own way from within. We’ll be covering topics that include:

  • Emotional Inventory
  • Unpacking Baggage
  • Learn to Surrender
  • New Beginning Steps
  • True Self Care Rituals 

My programs provide Hope and Healing to help women live the life their soul is craving. If this program feels like the next step in your transition, please contact me and we will make arrangements to get your transition in motion again.

TRANSITIONS is an 8 week program of 1:1 mentoring for $999 CND.

Your success in this program relies on your ability to show up, be honest, open and vulnerable. The rest will all fall into place.